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our master classes include:

  • a great introduction to a structured and sustainable approach to continuous discovery.
  • weekly, 2-hour live sessions for 6 weeks.
  • get real-time instruction from teresa torres, product discovery coach.
  • get hands-on practice applying each lesson to an engaging case study.
  • work collaboratively with peers from different industries, representing countries across the globe.
  • ask questions and get feedback anytime in the course slack channel.

our deep dive courses include:

  • these courses are designed to develop skill quickly with lots of hands-on practice.
  • instructional content delivered via videos and articles that will help you level up a key discovery skill.
  • 6+ hours of live class time where we'll focus on deliberate practice.
  • you'll work with a group to put each week's lesson into practice. your instructors will be available live to jump in to help or answer questions any time you need it.
  • in between live sessions, you'll be able to ask questions and get feedback in our private slack channel.
  • group discounts available for groups of 5+.

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